Simone Arrigoni - InvEarth. Toxic - ph. 3

InvEarth. Toxic - ph. 3.jpg
InvEarth. Toxic - ph. 3.jpg

Simone Arrigoni - InvEarth. Toxic - ph. 3

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Signed Art Limited Editions
Simone Arrigoni - UWPF Ambassador - Italy
Technique: Fine Art Print
Paper: Verona Cotton Paper
Signature: Signed on verso and Certificate of Authenticity
Year of the image: 2014
Year of the print: to be printed
Conditions: new
Provenance: directly from the Artist

Packaging: Professional Art-secure tube or box
Shipping: Insured shipping via international courier with tracking code

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"Toxic", the second series of the InvEarth project, focuses on the possible first ancestor of all animal life on our planet: jellyfish, a fascinating and pulsating trap floating into the seas since over 500 million of years, like an immortal ensign of biodiversity. Its fatal beauty is here represented by the genera Aurelia and Chrysaora, with their diaphanous shapes, geometric drawnings adorning the bell and fatal tentacles hiding a miriad of nematocysts ready to sting.

The InvEarth project is composed of several photographic series focusing on nature. Different subjects from flora, fauna, and the ‘four elements’ (water, earth, fire and air) were chosen as exemplary symbols of planet Earth. These were shot focusing on specific features, then developed in black and white, finally turned into negative images. The lack of color represents our world’s intrinsic dichotomy, the incessant dance between day and night, light and shadow, and yin-yang that has always marked the passage of time and the advance of evolution. The latter, the primordial principle governing life on Earth, is symbolized here by the negative reversal of the shots. This graphic process was carried out in memory of film, which for years represented the essence of photography, before being almost completely supplanted by digital formats.


- GOLD AWARD in Tokio International Foto Awards 2018
- Winner of Monochrome International Photography Contest 2019, Athens (GR)
- Nominèe in Fine Art Photography Awards FAPA 2019
- Honorable Mention in ND Awards 2018
- Honorable Mention in International Photography Awards IPA HARMONY 2018
- Exhibited in Rome, Greece and London