Dear Underwater Photography buffs,
the time has finally come to unveil a new project that Image in Progress has for you.

As chance would have it, our magazine, Image in Progress, connected with Underwater Photography since the very beginning, when our first issue was published in December 2010. Our cover was a photo shot underwater by celebrated photographer Zena Holloway, who also gave us a long, exclusive interview with her elegant and poetic images. 

Over the years, Image in Progress has been a showcase for emerging talents as well as a space where also the masters of contemporary photography could tell their secrets, share experiences, anecdotes and opinions on a constantly evolving sector. With exclusive interviews or with articles signed directly by sector professionals, we have tried to change contents, artists, photographers and approach, getting progressively closer to the market of photographic art and collectors but we have always had one recurring theme.

We always paid special attention to a certain type of evocative photography, capable of portraying an ecstatic state, an extemporaneous suspension, able to call to mind primordial emotions and our being in the world now as part of Society, but still especially of Nature. As our covers will confirm, we instinctively emphasized underwater photography and found that the large number of people who love this particular art form did not have an online space where they could get together…

This site is the first step of a number of initiatives, but it is already a support for those who make Underwater Photography a noble art, with rationales and technical peculiarities that are quite different from traditional photography. Our Shop already has available our limited-edition collections, copies of our issues, signed as well, and official limited editions signed by some of the photographers we met in all these years. Image in Progress has come a long way and has become Media Partner of a great deal of some of the world’s most important Events, Fairs, Festivals and Awards, becoming a fixture in their “backstage”, interacting with world-class names and witnessing the birth of new exhibition trends. 

Thus, The Underwater Photography Festival is a long-term project with an innovative multi-stage exhibition concept. It is a sort of “Diffused and Immersive Festival”, which for now will be online, and then on paper and tangible. We are certain that it will surprise you and hope that it will open new avenues in the interest of a movement that maybe has not yet become aware of its own potential.

Happy immersion!